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With my MLIS degree complete and my first part-time real librarian position in high gear I find that my pleasure reading has gotten back on track. I figured now would be the time to get back to blogging. Let's hope I can keep on top of my books. So with my trusty Pomeranian dog "Spike" stiill by my side I will continue the challenge to read 1001 books.

Monday, June 7, 2010

June 7, 2010

HIDDEN WIVES by Claire Avery
If you have ever wondered what might be happening behind the headline stories of polygamist cults, this is the book for you.

Sara and Rachel are sisters living in the "Blood of the Lamb" secret cult in Utah where a man cannot get into the highest level of heaven without having at least three wives. Rachel is a beautiful girl who has 17 men who want to be her husband and that does not ring well with her tyrannical father Abraham. Sara, the more studious of the sisters, is beginning to see the cult for what it is, but will not leave without Rachel who has faith in what she has been taught. Then Luke comes to town, a handsome boy who has no interest in belonging to the sect, but has quite a great interest in Rachel.

Loaded with prejudice against both women and people of color, this book at times made me very angry, but I did not feal these subjects overwhealmed the story. Given the fact that the authors both grew up in a Christian Fundamentalist community I also learned more about what goes on behind the gates of these closed societies.

While some may have trouble with the "happily ever after" ending, I found this a book I could not put down. You can check out the book which comes out June 8, 2010 at Amazon, BetterWorldBooks, and B&N.

For more information about the authors, look here

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  1. As someone who has a little experience in this type of community, I am always interested in this subject. I was only around it for 4 years but it was enough to leave a bitter taste in my mouth. The prejudice you talked about is a very real and prevalent part of that community. It's one of the main reasons I left, the other being I wasn't willing to be the type of wife my ex expected. I'll try to stop rambling now. I think I'll have to pick this one up.

  2. Wow, I cannot believe you lasted four years. I would not last a week. I think I would be talking back the entire time I was there. I hope your life is better now. Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. Great review!! This was such an eye-opener!