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With my MLIS degree complete and my first part-time real librarian position in high gear I find that my pleasure reading has gotten back on track. I figured now would be the time to get back to blogging. Let's hope I can keep on top of my books. So with my trusty Pomeranian dog "Spike" stiill by my side I will continue the challenge to read 1001 books.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 12, 2010

Bad earache for about three days now. Haven't had one of these since I was in my teens...OUCH!! Of all the remedies I have tried, heat seems to work the best, but I look funny with a steaming cup attached to my ear ;-(. Will try to post the two books I have managed to finish either later tonight or tomorrow.

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  1. Oh no... take rest and get well soon! Earaches are such a sore.. I hate it when I get them.