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With my MLIS degree complete and my first part-time real librarian position in high gear I find that my pleasure reading has gotten back on track. I figured now would be the time to get back to blogging. Let's hope I can keep on top of my books. So with my trusty Pomeranian dog "Spike" stiill by my side I will continue the challenge to read 1001 books.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 26, 2010

THE THIEF by Megan Whalen Turner

This tale of Gen the thief reads like the best of the Greek
journey tales. Gen is taken out of prison by Magus with the
promise that if he is able to obtain a great jewel for Magus'
queen he will never see prison again. Gen's journey is interspersed
with mythological tales which 'feel' like the real thing (although
the author is very adamant that both the Greece-like setting and the
myths are all from her own imagination). This Newbery Honor Book, although
written for pre-teen to YA can easily jump the barrier to be enjoyed by

This is one of the books I obtained at my volunteer's breakfast. I do not
read much fantasy, but was enchanted by the author's wit and sense of humor
that I had to get the first three stories. I look forward to reading the further
adventures of Gen in the future.

Until next time, Good Night and Good Reading!

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