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With my MLIS degree complete and my first part-time real librarian position in high gear I find that my pleasure reading has gotten back on track. I figured now would be the time to get back to blogging. Let's hope I can keep on top of my books. So with my trusty Pomeranian dog "Spike" stiill by my side I will continue the challenge to read 1001 books.

Friday, April 23, 2010

And then there were two...

So, I started this other blog "Roseann's 1001 Must Read Books Challenge" and then I thought, but I read other books that aren't on the list. The result of that thought is this new blog. I will post reviews and my thoughts on other reading that I do with books not on the 1001 list.

I went to a Volunteer's Breakfast today at my Public Library and there were four YA author's who spoke about their writings. At the end we were able to purchase copies of their novels and have them signed. Of course, I had to partake as I love supporting local authors (all live in San Diego) and I have recently become a YA addict.

I plan on starting one of the books this weekend and will give a full review once it is complete. I won't be posting here that often as I want to keep going with my other list. If you are interested, please follow me!

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